Art Haven can help you reach your fundraising goals!

SCHOOL POTTERY PAINTING - Art Haven Ceramic Painting

We will help you find the best creative fundraising option for your school, church, and non-profit organizations.


Tile Mural "Fun" raise are just one of the many ways we can offer.

Tile Mural is a fun way to achieve you goal in fundraise! We offer you the tiles at a discounted price, and it includes glazing, firing, paint. Your organization sells the tiles to donors/painters at a markup.

You can have a "painting event", where everyone comes to Art Haven and paint together. It's so much fun for all the attendees, everyone is chatting, laughing, and while enjoying the painting experience. We have hosted the CIBC Run For The Cure event at Art Haven. It is a great success, all 30 painters had a wonderful time at Art Haven, and went home with big smile.
Art Haven Ceramic Painting
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